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A friend of mine who is a mom posted an article on being a mom - she said it was funny, so I read it (even though I’m not a mom yet). As I read it, and laughed out loud in several parts, I had this moment of appreciation - for my friends who have gone before me in life’s milestones. Getting married. Buying a home. Having a child. Being a mom. They’ve paved the way. This article was an honest reflection of how hard it is to be a mom - women who regretted giving up their careers and sharing their frustrations that were funny and real (one excerpt being: “I kiss my young teenager good-bye in the morning as she leaves for school, rising above the hormone-fueled snarling and histrionics. Then I close the front door and flip her off, with both hands.” Here’s the full article)  and I appreciate that I have honest women in my life who have paved the way with their honesty and hilarity. 

Because of that honesty, I walked into marriage knowing it was going to be work. Knowing that I would need to look to Christ for my identity and value and I would need a heck of a lot of help not being selfish and shutting my mouth once in awhile.

Now, several of my friends have children or about to give birth (literally). And I am so thankful for them. In a way, it lets me learn from their mistakes and gives me a healthy dose of reality.

there’s something special about a farm. these shots were taken on one that my friends michelle and tyson were married on this summer. i just re-found these photos, which is why I am posting them in JANUARY. Nevertheless, man, there’s something magical.

when two girls watch football

watched the BCS championship game with my friend Jess tonight, and it occurred to me. two girls who are into football this much should be documented - mostly, so I can laugh about this later.

  • Colt McCoy and Hunter Lawrence are two boy names that were DESTINED BY GOD to be for players of the University of Texas football team. They couldn’t have played soccer if they tried.
  • Jess exclaims “I could have made that field goal” after Hunter hits the first one.
  • Me: Did he just do the Gator chomp!? Jess: No. (with exasperation) I promise you that is NOT what he’s doing.
  • Me: OK - I need to stop typing about football, lest I become a football crazy person. Jess: That happened a long time ago. Just so you know.
  • Natalie calls a lil before halftime. Asks how attached I am to the game. Gets me thinking that if this game is gonna be a blowout, we are going sledding!
  • Died a little inside when Gilbert throws the shuffle pass, and it’s intercepted for a touchdown. Poor kid.
  • Vern Lundquist wins quote of the night: “Quick timeout. To remove an idiot.”
  • Alright, Gilbert. Get a touchdown. I’m leaving though. Time to go sledding!

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